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Derry Fitness Guide

After an action-packed day In Derry visiting the sites or a busy day in the office or at meetings, then where better to kick-back, unloosen and get motivated, than visiting our fitness gym? Whether you are really into your fitness training or just want somewhere where you can take some gentle exercise, our Londonderry Gym fits the bill. Many of our guests and locals use our gym facilities on a regular basis and it’s become a place to socialise as well as get fit. Putting the obvious health benefits aside for the moment, our gym is a great place to meet with like-minded people and enjoy the ambiance of one of the best fitness gyms in Derry.

Our gym is suitable for young and old, male or female, and no matter what your age and level of fitness, you will see and feel the benefits almost immediately. In the modern world many people’s health is getting worse due to lack of exercise but there is no doubt you will quickly start to feel happier and healthier with some regular exercise.

It is proven that apart from heart disease, strokes and diabetes, physical exercise on a regular basis can also reduce the risk of some cancers.

If you start to lose a little weight and slim down, it will also work wonders for your self-confidence, improve your mood and improve your sleep patterns.

Going to the gym is certainly a great way to de-stress after work and even an early morning session has the added benefit of raising your metabolism through the day making you feel more energised.

If you look at the relatively cheap cost of visiting the best fitness gyms, it is a very affordable method of gaining all these wonderful health benefits.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Given the weight of data showing the benefits, we all know that we should make the effort to get a regular workout so why not visit the best fitness gym in Derry here at City Hotel Derry?

If you are keen to be active and healthy throughout your life, regardless of age, then taking advantage of the pool and facilities will really help you.

If you are determined to remain healthy and fit then you should attempt to be active on a daily basis, even if it’s just a good walk rather than a full workout. Ideally you should have an hour and a half to two hours of physical exercise throughout the course of any seven day period.  It’s best to have a variety of different exercises, so swimming, gym work, aerobics etc can all be added to the mix.

Spending time at the gym is obviously great but you should also try and get some daily exercise as a matter of routine, so walking or cycling to work if possible is a great way to do this. Tests have shown that people who own dogs are generally healthier because they have to take the dog out for a walk each day - it forces them to go come rain or shine!

That’s the thing about bad weather. If it’s pouring down with rain outside then it’s easy to put off your exercise routine and think "I’ll go for that run/walk tomorrow". That’s one obvious advantage to a Derry fitness club as it is a nice dry and temperature controlled environment to get your exercise quota in for the week, no matter what the weather is like outside!

A regular visit to the Derry gym is a great way to increase your fitness levels. It doesn’t really matter how vigorous your exercise routine is as long as you are moving quickly enough to lift your heart rate and make you breathe faster. It only needs to be a moderately intense activity; you don’t have to be going flat out.

Once you have started to feel the positive effects of moderate exercise over a few weeks then you can feel free to “up the pace” into more vigorous and strenuous workouts if you wish. If you do up the ante with the level of physical exercise, then the health benefits will increase along with the intensity levels.

The best fitness clubs encourage people to try and offset the problems caused by the modern world we live in. Escalators, lifts, cars, and taxis reduce our need to walk far. Everything in the home seems to be a labour saving device and technology means we have all the entertainment we want at our fingertips.

The modern workplace is the same as the home and the world of employment has changed over the last thirty years. Many people work in sedentary jobs, sitting at computer screens and getting little in the way of exercise. Since tablets and smartphones have become the norm, we as a society are spending as much as eight hours per day sat down looking at some sort of screen. Health problems inevitably occur when this lack of physical activity persists so motivating yourself to take action and visit our fitness gym in Derry has got to be a good idea. Why not make it a family thing? Many families spend so much time on social media these days that it has become the only way they interact! Our gym is for all ages, so getting fit with your family will get you off facebook for a while - get fit instead!

Get Moving

Becoming more active in your daily routine will have untold benefits to your health and wellbeing.

Strength and fitness training carried out twice a week can really help with not just exercise but also strengthening muscles and bones. We suggest that you talk to us at the gym before embarking on weight lifting etc, especially if you haven’t done this type of exercise for a while. We’d be happy to advise on an appropriate fitness regime for you.

At the City Hotel Derry Gym we have one on one personal trainers available and they can devise a fitness programme for you based on your current level of fitness. Our trainers’ professional advice and guidance will mean you won’t run the risk of overdoing things in the initial stages and injuring yourself.

If you are older or have had health problems in the past or have some existing health concerns then it might be wise to talk to your GP before you start out on a fitness regime.

Our trainers will be able to design and implement a fitness program tailored to your own unique set of circumstances. They will also help you analyse your progress and evaluate just exactly how much you are progressing.

Our staff are very friendly and approachable so there is absolutely no need to feel in anyway nervous or intimidated to pay us a visit. We will be delighted to show you the facilities and talk to you about your requirements and what goals you’d like to achieve with your training programme.

Here at the City Hotel Derry we are the only city centre hotel in Derry that has an indoor swimming pool, plus a full complement of gym equipment. This is open to hotel guests as well as the locals, so it is possible for anyone to come in and use our facilities.

Swimming Pool

Making use of our swimming pool is a great way to keep fit. Swimming is fun, it’s an ideal way of working out and it can give you several physical and mental health benefits. No matter how old you are, most people enjoy swimming and it’s a good way of relaxing and giving yourself a low-impact workout.

Here are some of the health benefits that swimming brings

  • Increases your heart rate
  • Keeps your heart and lungs in good condition
  • Helps to keep your weight down.
  • Builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Tones your body
  • Builds endurance and stamina
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves balance, co-ordination and posture
  • Alleviates stress

Swimming uses most of your body’s muscles so it gives you a good workout. In conjunction with our gym facilities, it provides you with a great opportunity to build on your fitness regime and create a well-rounded fitness programme.

Come and see us

It’s great for business people who are here working to be able to use the gym and pool just for the duration of their stay and for our regulars who live in and around the Derry area.

So pop in, say hello and start to enjoy the advantages of regular physical activity, knowing that you are in safe hands and in a friendly environment. Our aim is to make you feel better, have increased levels of energy and start to feel really good about yourself. Remember, we can come up with a tailor made plan for you, no matter how young or old you are, your physical ability and for both men and women.

We can help you blow off the cobwebs if you haven’t exercised for a while and for those that have, we can help get you to the peak of physical fitness. We can help you improve your cardiovascular system giving you more strength and stamina. A real positive that people don’t realise until they start a good training programme is the way it improves your sleep, enabling you to fall asleep easier and sleep much better than previously.

You will find at the City Hotel that it’s a great fun and friendly atmosphere and you will make friends and really start to enjoy your workout time.

All manner of physical exercises are on offer and we have a state of the art range of Star Trac & Precor cardiovascular equipment, including an e-spinner. We have an extensive variety of equipment so there will be plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Our facilities include 10 cardio stations, free weights, resistance machines, kettle bells, jacuzzi, steam room and our very popular 15 metre heated swimming pool.

If you want to visit our gym on a regular basis then our Health & Fitness Club might be just what you’re looking for. It has all the facilities you need and is a great opportunity to meet with like-minded people and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.


Exercise and almost any form of physical activity are really good for you, it will make you feel great and offer increased health and fitness that money can’t buy.  We suggest that you come to the gym for a couple of hours per week but also generally try and be more active in your daily life.

See your GP before starting an extensive bout of training and talk to our trainers about a tailor made programme based on your needs.

Here at the City Hotel Health & Fitness we are proud of our fully air conditioned facilities and attentive staff and we are confident that you will enjoy your time here.

Local residents and hotel guests are all welcome to use the facilities and the pool, so you can exercise or spend time relaxing to unwind if that’s your preference. For those of you who are on the road a lot travelling on business, then having a gym where you can exercise and unwind is an important feature. At the City Hotel in Derry, we are well known for our gym facilities and the quality of our equipment. Next time you are in Derry we invite you to visit our facilities and see for yourself what we’ve got to offer.